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Peter casts his net in the deep ocean after being told by Jesus to do so. He tells Jesus that they have tried all night to do so and without success. When he did as he was told, they caught a great number of fish. Jesus add to the name of Simon, Peter from the Greek word petros meaning rock or stone. Peter tries to walk on water, but he failed.

Peter's Spiritual Journey

Simon Peter makes a pronouncement about the deity of Jesus. Jesus tell Peter that he will build his church on him. After Jesus proclaims that He will be killed and then rise on the third day, Peter rebukes Him. Peter, along with James and John, witness the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and Elijah on a mountain. Peter tells Jesus that he will never deny Him. Peter and the others were sleeping while Jesus was praying in The Garden of Gethsemane.

When Jesus is arrested by the betrayal of Judas Iscariot, Peter takes his sword out and cuts off the ear of a servant. The prediction of Jesus comes true when Peter denies Him three times. Peter and the other apostles receive word from Mary Magdalene that the body of Jesus is no longer there in the tomb.

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Jesus appears to Peter before appearing to the other apostles. Jesus appears in front of the eleven apostles. Jesus gives Peter and the other apostles the gift of the Holy Spirit. While Peter and six others were fishing at the Sea of Galilee, Jesus appears and ask them if they have any fish. Peter makes a confession of love towards the risen Jesus three times after meeting him on the shores of Galilee. He was married 1 Cor 9: Because he was a natural leader, Peter became the de facto spokesman for the Twelve Mt He was not only among the first of the apostles called… he appears first in all biblical lists of apostles Mt In the primitive church, as described in the Acts of the Apostles, Peter clearly emerges as the leader Acts 1: Furthermore, the apostle Paul in the early years of His own faith also singled out Peter when he went to Jerusalem to meet with him Gal 1: In the later years of his ministry, Peter spent time with John Mark 1 Pet 5: Though Peter was a natural-born leader and an outspoken and ardent disciple of Jesus, he is said to have had a personality that was aggressive, enthusiastic, self-confident, impetuous, strong-willed, loud-mouthed and impulsive — one that needed to be harnessed in a myriad of ways if he was to grow spiritually.

For all his strengths, Peter had a number of shortcomings as well; never-theless the Lord chose him and perseveringly molded him into the person He wanted Peter to be. As a young buck, he had a lot of raw edges that needed to be removed, but such is the case for you and me. None of us come to Christ with strong spiritual qualities; we all begin our spiritual journey with Christ as spiritual babies.

Simon Peter

It was no different for Peter and the Twelve. Because Peter was such a dominant figure in the gospels, we have the advantage of tracking his spiritual development as a believer from beginning to end. So as we carefully traverse the roads Peter traveled, each of us will be able to identify more closely with him on his journey of faith.

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  8. When Peter first met Jesus he did not realize what the future held for him; he was simply a fisherman who earned his living fishing at night and mending nets during the day. God changes us from being self-centered men and women into mature Spirit-controlled vessels so that we will be free from the tyranny of selfishness which tends to make us proud, ego-centered people whom God cannot use to do His kingdom work. In short, what God promises… happens! When God takes a man in hand, no matter how wild a character he may be… He changes him!

    Though the process was often painful and challenging, his transformation was certain, as is yours and mine Phil 1: God often has to send into our lives some dramatic experience to wake us up and make us face the fact that Jesus Christ can be a significantly greater reality in our lives.

    Denial of Peter - Wikipedia

    Peter saw something of his own heart when he beheld the miracle of the fish. Not only did Peter see something of his own heart in this second meeting with Christ, he also saw something of what he will be. Many Christians commit themselves to serving Christ with all their being… but a few months later they are like a deflated balloon.

    Abiding in Christ, intimacy with Christ, and depending on Christ — those things are at the heart of true spirituality. Intentionality is essential for the fruitful Christian Phil 4: We have to take up residence in Christ and His Word if we truly want to experience the liberated life that Jesus so desperately wants to give us Jn 8: Alas, Peter was learning the obedience of faith to the Word — few believers get to test their faith in such a dramatic way; sadly few Christians dare to test their faith at all.

    Obedience is faith in action. One of the biggest lessons God wants to teach us is how to start walking on water — stepping out in faith from our comfort zone. Abraham was a man of this kind of faith; he left the land of his birth and followed after God Gen 12; Heb When God called Abraham, he had no idea where God was taking him… all he knew was God had called him to follow Him. You have words of eternal life …. Everyone has to come to terms with the Bible, that it in fact is the living word of God 2 Tim 3: Unless we accept the Word of God in all its fullness, we cannot come to know or enjoy the spiritual realities of the Christian life.

    Unless we accept the authority of Christ over our rational processes, we will remain floundering babies. The question is this: Will you follow Christ when your sensibilities are offended? Jesus called for him to come, and Peter stepped out onto the water. As long as he kept his focus on Jesus he was safe, but when he noticed how stormy the water was, he began to sink into the water.

    He called to Jesus for help. Jesus held out his hand and pulled him up to safety.

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    See Bible Texts for Peter. Jesus Walks on Water, artist unknown. Peter at the Transfiguration of Jesus. This was a momentous event in Jesus' life. Peter had just proclaimed his belief that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah. Jesus, Peter, James and John became separated from the others and went up onto the flat summit of a mountain. Something happened there that the disciples tried haltingly to explain to the others later on: Jesus had been transformed, and at the same time the figures of Moses the Law and Elijah the Prophets appeared talking with him.

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    They experienced something like a voice that came from nowhere and everywhere, telling them that Jesus was the Son of God, chosen by God and now revealed to them. Peter, always enthusiastic, wanted to put up tents or bowers, but Jesus gently restrained him.

    Peter and the other disciples did not understand what all this meant until after the Resurrection. Read the story at Bible texts for Peter. The Transfiguration, Fra Angelico. Peter at the Last Supper.

    At the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of each of his disciples. Peter objected to having his feet washed by someone he venerated, but Jesus insisted. Jesus also predicted that his disciples would scatter and flee when danger threatened. But Peter contradicted him, assuring Jesus and the other disciples that even if everyone deserted, he would remain faithful to the end.

    The Last Supper, Jacopo Bassano. Peter sits at Jesus' right hand. Peter and Jesus in the film 'Passion of the Christ'. Peter was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane just before his death. When the soldiers tried to arrest Jesus, Peter unsheathed his sword and swung it at the head of one of them, a slave of the High Priest called Malchus.

    He missed, but cut off the ear of the unfortunate man. The Arrest of Jesus, Fra Angelico. Peter Denies Jesus Right: This was an official residence with an open central courtyard.