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Wealth is a Choice. Are You Choosing Wealth?

Neither of their birth families had wealth, both grew up poor. Both went to private Catholic schools through high school and lived in the city. They moved into a large new ranch home in the suburbs and ended up with 4 kids. James pursued his dream of becoming an architect, attending night school for 10 years while working full time.

He worked for multiple firms over the course of his career and tried to start his own firm multiple times without success. He retired at age 65 with a small pension. Beth stayed home with the kids, but worked part time as a secretary when needed to help support the family when James was trying to start his own firm. Henry and Rose were also children of the depression. Henry grew up on a farm along with his two brothers.

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His parents only made it through the 5th grade, but Henry graduated from public high school and went on to study a trade. Henry and Rose also married in the s and moved to the outlying suburbs to a small new 4 room frame house. They had 2 kids.

Happiness or Wealth... What is your choice?

Henry worked for the same company until death at age 65 and spent evenings and weekends dabbling in other interests — inventions, real estate and the stock market. Rose stayed home with the kids but taught school as a substitute teacher and led the school PTA. She went back to work full time when the kids were in high school.

They traveled extensively, sent both kids through college and helped them out financially to get started in married life. Instead of spending money on private tuition, their kids went to public school. They limited the number of children they had. They used time instead of money by doing things themselves instead of hiring others. Instead of buying a large home right away, they started small, then bought a second home at bargain rates while renting out the first one to obtain another income stream. They kept secure income producing jobs that provided benefits and pensions.

Neither were able to make use of pension or retirement plans to their fullest. After meeting basic emergency needs, they put their money to work for them — in real estate and in the stock market. They did not touch invested principal because their lifestyle and current income matched. They did not try to keep up with the Jones.

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Small decisions on how money was spent and how it was earned made a large difference over time in the financial outcomes of these two couples. Once you KNOW that you have the choice to have your finances in whatever state you would like, your spending decisions suddenly have a lot more meaning. Everyday we make choices that will either help us have the things we want to deter us from having the things we want.

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It is our choice. I tried to put things in the book that show readers ways to make those choices — things like encouraging young folks to look beyond their own environments to see other ways of living that they can pursue. Here is an excerpt from this new book that shows the power of choice: The 10 Secrets of Success by John Piper. The 10 Secrets of Success liked it 3.

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Wealth is a choice explains that wealth is exactly that just as we can choose whether we wish to be healthy or not. The book is short and in 30 pages sets out the 10 "secrets" that allow anyone to achieve success. Kindle Edition , 24 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 01, Slavi rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The book is a smooth quick read, which provides a small insight of the path to success.

I think John Piper covers only the tip of the iceberg with his 10 secrets and to my opinion the whole content can be summerised on a blog post with bullet points, which would look something like this: Change is in your will 2nd secret: Failure is Progress - Leadership means character - those little steps and ideas you pull when in a crowd that affect others. Keep the Cost The book is a smooth quick read, which provides a small insight of the path to success.

Keep the Cost of Failure Low! Perseverance - no pain - no gain! Make sure you're capitalising all the Angles: